Let HER Be Heard

Andrea Gullick & Barb Gibson

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About the Podcast

Let HER Be Heard
Let HER be heard is the compilation of love, safety, and support from the dynamic duo Andrea Gullick and Barb Gibson.

Gifted in learning to follow their own knowing, they are here to guide you in listening to the truth of your soul, to let the words of your inner world be heard and follow your heart to peace and abundant joy.

With a mix of raw and deeply connected conversation, light-hearted fun, and a desire to create a ripple of love, these ladies are here to Let HER Be Heard.

United from opposite sides of the globe, they are passionate about connecting you back into your heart, so you too can embrace a beautiful, intimate love story within yourself.

About your hosts

Andrea Gullick

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Andrea Gullick, a Transformational Courage Coach supports women to find the truth of who they are by connecting deeply with their heart. She encourages women from all walks of life to courageously allow themselves to be ALL that they are and live a life of deep inner fulfilment.

Barb Gibson

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Barb Gibson is a passionate advocate for giving yourself permission to hear your own Voice of Love. Through her podcast, 'Love Lives Here' Barb is creating a global ripple of love by reminding people of their true identity and the depth of inner freedom that is available to everyone.